Another Dimension

Another Dimension is a playable unlockable stage originating from the Kirby Series. Winning 300 matches unlocks this stage.


Another Dimension is the final stage featured in the game Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Due to Magolor, the game's main antagonist, stealing the Master Crown after the 4 heroes defeated Landia, he opened up a portal to the dimension and headed through it. The Landia dragons then helped the heroes across the dimension while blasting numerous enemies and avoiding deadly walls. After reaching the final area, Magolor appeared and sent them his Lor Starcutter to battle the Landia. Managing to defeat it, the heroes kept moving forward to the final boss.

In Super Smash Bros IVEdit

Another Dimension~game

Another Dimension appears as a playable unlockable stage from the Kirby Series. The stage is set on the dimension and players fight in Landia-like platforms. While speeding around, you'll arrive in yellow walls where you can fight. Enemies from the original level appear to shoot you or attack the players. Once you reach the end of the level, you'll encounter the Lor Starcutter which will resume to attack. The ship can be attacked and it even has a health bar above. Once the health bar is completely depleted, the ship will fall and the one who dealt the final hit gets his or her health restored. The platforms then continue moving forward until reaching a portal which will send them to the beginning of the level, restarting it.


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