Paper Mario is a paper-like reincarnation of Super Mario and is the main protagonist of Paper Mario. A spin-off RPG that takes the usual Mario formula and makes a story that's a bit more fleshed out.

Character DescriptionEdit


In Super Smash Bros. U and 3DSEdit







  • Neutral Attack: Throws three punches.
  • Forward-Tilt: Throws a sticker like it's a card.
  • Up-Tilt: Punches upward.
  • Down-Tilt: Jumps on the head of his opponent.
  • Dash Attack: Goombario appears and runs into the opponent.
  • Forward Smash: Swings his hammer.
  • Up Smash: Swings his hammer upwards.
  • Down Smash: Slams hammer on the ground.
  • Neutral Aerial: Kicks the opponent.
  • Forward Aerial: Twirls around with his hammer out.
  • Back Aerial: Does a back flip with his hammer out.
  • Up Aerial: Punches upward.
  • Down Aerial: Ground pounds.
  • Pummel: The Yoshi Kid appears and attacks the opponent.
  • Forward Throw: Kicks Green Shell towards the opponent.
  • Back Throw: Grabs his opponent with Scissiors and throws them backwards.
  • Up Throw: Grabs the opponent and throws them up in the air.
  • Down Throw: Throws his opponent on the ground and jumps on them.
  • Floor (back): Swings his hammer forward then backwards.
  • Floor (front): runs in a circle formation while dragging Scissors along the ground.
  • Edge (<100%): Uses Hammer to pick himself up.
  • Edge (100%+): Uses Scissors to pick himself up.
  • Neutral Special move: Throws book at opponent.
  • Side Special move: Goombella appears and runs towards the opponent.
  • Up Special move: Parakarry appears and brings him up into the air for a few seconds.
  • Down Special move: Drops Bombette and she explodes.
  • Final Smash: Becomes a giant 8-bit Mario, and can cause 20% damage on contact.


  • Takes out a pair of Scissors and runs around with them.
  • Takes out the Star Rod and waves it around.
  • Pretends to be off balance.

On-Screen AppearanceEdit

Pakarry drops him off.


Male Voices: "PAPER!"

Female Voices: "MARIO!"

Victory PosesEdit


Event MatchesEdit


Role in Story ModeEdit

The heroes arrive in Paper Land and due to the low knowledge of the area, they are met by Paper Mario who has complete knowledge about the world. He decides to join the heroes in their quest.






Paper Mario

Paper Mario's Newcomer Icon



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