TY is the main protagonist. His main weapon of choise is his own two ironback boomerangs. He also use his sharp teeth to bite enemies and creates.

Character DescriptionEdit


In Super Smash Bros. 4Edit





  • Neutral: TY start swinging the left boomerang, then swing the right boomerang and lastly swing his boomerangs in a X-shape.
  • Forward: 
  • Up: 
  • Down: TY slam his rangs to the ground
  • Dash Attack: TY slide forward with his boomerangs in front of him
  • Forward Smash: 
  • Up Smash: 
  • Down Smash: 
  • Air: 
  • Forward Air: 
  • Back Air: 
  • Up Air: 
  • Down Air: 
  • Grab Pummel: TY bites his grabbed opponent with his teeth
  • Forward Throw: TY grabs his opponent with his teeth and throws them forward
  • Back Throw: TY use his lassorangs and throw them behind him
  • Up Throw: TY throw his opponent upward and throw his Multirangs at the opponent
  • Down Throw: 
  • Floor (Back): 
  • Floor (Front): 
  • Floor (Trip): 
  • Edge (<100%): 
  • Edge (100%+): 
  • Neutral Special: Boomerang: 
  • Side Special: Bite: 
  • Up Special: Lassorang: 
  • Down Special: Boomerang Swap: 
  • Final Smash: Shadow Bunyip: 


  • TY spin his right boomerang as a basketball
  • TY bend down and look around, searching for more opponents
  • Files appear around TY's head as he show his white teeth, doing a biting animations and the files fly down to the ground, disappearing

On-Screen AppearanceEdit

  • A Portal appears which TY jumping out of it as it disappear


  • Male & Female: TY! TY! TY! OI! OI! OI!

Victory PosesEdit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Losing PoseEdit

Event MatchesEdit





  • Default Costume: Current TY (Red Team)
  • 2nd Costume: Concept TY (Green Team)
  • 3rd Costume: Shazza Colour (Blue Team)
  • 4th Costume: Sly
  • 5th Costume: Ridge
  • 6th Costume: CY-1024 Colour
  • 7th Costume: Bunyip Spirit Colour (Mix of Blue and Green)
  • 8th Costume: TY 1 (Alternate Costume)


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Ty's Newcomer Logo



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